Class DBI::DBD::ODBC::Statement
In: lib/dbd/odbc/statement.rb
Parent: DBI::BaseStatement


bind_param   cancel   column_info   convert_row   execute   fetch   fetch_scroll   finish   new   rows  

Public Class methods

Public Instance methods

See DBI::BaseStatement#bind_param. This method will also raise DBI::InterfaceError if param is not a Fixnum, to prevent incorrect binding.

See DBI::BaseStatement#column_info. These additional attributes are also supported:

  • table: the table this column came from, if available.
  • nullable: boolean, true if NULL is accepted as a value in this column.
  • searchable: FIXME DOCUMENT
  • length: FIXME DOCUMENT
  • unsigned: For numeric columns, whether or not the result value is signed.

See DBI::BaseStatement#fetch_scroll.

ODBC has a native version of this method and the constnats in the ODBC driver themselves are supported. If you‘d prefer to use DBI constants (recommended), you can use these which map to the ODBC functionality:


See DBI::BaseStatement#rows.

For queries which DBI::SQL.query? returns true, will explicitly return 0. Otherwise, it will return the row processed count.

Private Instance methods

convert the ODBC datatypes to DBI datatypes