Module DBI::DBD::Pg
In: lib/dbd/pg/exec.rb

DBD::Pg - Database Driver for the PostgreSQL database system.

Requires DBI and the ‘pg’ gem or package to work.

Only things that extend DBI‘s results are documented.


Classes and Modules

Module DBI::DBD::Pg::Type
Class DBI::DBD::Pg::Database
Class DBI::DBD::Pg::Driver
Class DBI::DBD::Pg::PgExecutor
Class DBI::DBD::Pg::PgExecutorAsync
Class DBI::DBD::Pg::Statement
Class DBI::DBD::Pg::Tuples


VERSION = "0.3.4"

Public Class methods

returns ‘Pg

See DBI::TypeUtil#convert for more information.

This method takes a ruby Array and converts it to PostgreSQL array syntax.

Parse a postgresql type. Returns a hash with these fields (as Symbol)

  • ftype: the full type, as passed in to this method.
  • type: the type stripped of all attribute information.
  • size: the LHS of the attribute information, typically the precision.
  • decimal: the RHS of the attribute information, typically the scale.
  • array: true if this type is actually an array of that type.

A quote helper, this uses the new syntax in PostgreSQL 8.2 and up.