Class DBI::DBD::Pg::Type::Array
In: lib/dbd/pg/type.rb
Parent: Object

PostgreSQL arrays are simply a specification that sits on top of normal types. They have a specialized string grammar and this class facilitates converting that syntax and the types within those arrays.


convert_array   new   parse  


base_type  [R] 

Public Class methods

base_type is a DBI::Type that is used to parse the inner types when a non-array one is found.

For instance, if you had an array of integer, one would pass DBI::Type::Integer here.

Public Instance methods

Parse a PostgreSQL-Array output and convert into ruby array. This does the real parsing work.

Object method. Please note that this is different than most DBI::Type classes! One must initialize an Array object with an appropriate DBI::Type used to convert the indices of the array before this method can be called.

Returns an appropriately converted array.