Class DBI::DBD::SQLite3::Database
In: lib/dbd/sqlite3/database.rb
Parent: DBI::BaseDatabase


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Public Class methods

Constructor. Valid attributes:

  • AutoCommit: Commit after every statement execution.

The following attributes go directly to the low-level SQLite3 driver. Please consult it‘s documentation for more information.

  • auto_vacuum
  • cache_size
  • default_cache_size
  • default_synchronous
  • default_temp_store
  • full_column_names
  • synchronous
  • temp_store
  • type_translation

Public Instance methods

See new for valid attributes.

If Autocommit is set to true, commit happens immediately if a transaction is open.

This method is used to aid the constructor and probably should not be used independently.

See DBI::BaseDatabase#columns.

Additional Attributes:

  • sql_type: XOPEN integer SQL Type.
  • nullable: true if NULL is allowed in this column.
  • default: the value that will be used in new rows if this column receives no data.

See DBI::BaseDatabase#rollback.

If all statements were not closed before the rollback occurs, a DBI::Warning may be raised if the database encounters an error because of it.

This method will also raise DBI::ProgrammingError if not in a transaction.