Module DBI::Utils::XMLFormatter
In: lib/dbi/utils/xmlformatter.rb

Formats results in XML.


extended_row   row   table   textconv  

Public Class methods

good lord, what a mess.

nil in cols_as_tag, means "all columns expect those listed in cols_in_row_tag" add_row_tag_attrs are additional attributes which are inserted into the row-tag

Generate XML for a row. The column names will surround the the values as tags.

  • dbrow: the array of the result row.
  • rowtag: the name of the tag that encapsulates a row.
  • output: Object that responds to `<<`.

generate a full XML representation of the table.

Arguments and output are similar to row, with the exception of roottag, which is a container for the individual row tags.

Private Class methods

Your standard XML entity conversions.